Monday, December 27, 2010

Eco Friendly Shopping Bags

Plastic bags have become in our environmentally-aware age an emblem of unnecessary waste; they’re not far from becoming the equivalent of ‘the tobacco of the bags’. For that reason many people are switching to eco friendly shopping bags, which are often sold at major retailers. To those who want to be really green and throw in a big of recycling ethos into the shopping experience, DIY eco friendly shopping bags are the answer. If you have a talent for assembling things, who knows, they may even become a source of income. What’s more, the material needed to make them lying around in your home, waiting to be given a second lease of life.

Pillow cases, feed bags, towels, bedding plastic packaging , shower curtains, food wrappers, t-shirts, dry cleaning covers and many other materials can easily be converted into eco friendly shopping bags, in some cases with no work needed at all.

Another advantage of recycling material into eco friendly bags is that they provide a way to avoid the aforementioned reusable bags sold by retailers. That is because those bags have been found to contain an excessive amount of lead, which can potentially leach into the food they carry. There have been calls for an investigation into the issue and retailers such Publix Super Markets and Winn-Dixie have started to take action by asking suppliers to reduce the use of lead.

The important thing is to avoid the plastic bag. If you can make your own eco friendly shopping bag, even better. But if you do buy one, just make sure that it is safe.